Posted on June 1st, 2007
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In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how to create a smooth splash page for your website. Shown below is a preview of the final result:

Final Preview

Step 1:
Start off by creating a new document (File > New) with the size of 480×600 and filling the background with a solid black (#000000).

Step 2:
Now comes the tricky part, but the funnest also. Grab the Gradient Tool (’G'), and set the same settings as seen below:

Now make about 35-45 gradients on your canvas and your image should look like below:

Step 3:
Create a New Layer, and fill it with your favorite color. For this Image I filled it with blue.

Set the new layer’s mode to ‘Color‘ and you should have something similar to this below:

Step 4:
Now it is time to add some text, grab your favorite font, the one I used is called “4990810” and can be downloaded at

After you’ve typed out your text, apply some of the settings below for the best look:

Do NOT apply a stroke to the “.com” text because it is smaller than normal.

You are now done! You should have come up with something similar to this:

(Click for Full View) 

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