Posted on June 1st, 2007
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create Metallica’s Greatest Hits CD Cover. A preview of the final result can be seen below:

Step 1:
First start off by creating a document with the size of 600 x 540. Fill it in with black(#000000).

Step 2:
It is now time to add the Metallica logo to make this cd cover really stick out. I went on google and searched for the Metallica logo. I found a nice purple on which can be found here

Download that logo, and open it in photoshop and drag it into your black background. You may need to resize it. You should now have something like below:

Step 3:
Now I figured we should add an image of the group members to the background to get this show started. I again went to google and found this

Download it and crop it again, and place it on top of the logo layer, and set its Opacity to about 17-25%, your image should now look similar to this:

Step 4:

Create a New layer, and go to Filter > Render > Clouds, and then do the same but go to Difference Clouds. After that is done hit Ctrl + L, and move the bars until you see a lightning start to form, and hit OK.Set the New Layer’s mode to ‘Opacity‘, and you should have something similar to the image below:

Step 5:
Create a New Layer once again, and this time fill it with Black(#000000). Go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare, and follow the settings Below:

Step 6:
Now pick out a cool font to write in “Greatest Hits” and also “Vol.1“. The font I picked is called “Marvelouz DSG“, and can be found here

Type in the text you want, and follow the settings below:

For the “Vol.1” text, do not apply a Stroke. You are now finished! You should have a result similar to this:

(Click for Full View)

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